Bow Earrings – Why You Should Add One to Your Jewelry Collection

Fondly thought of with pride and pleasure, the elegance and allure of bow earrings provides a timeless aesthetic appeal. Expert design and artistic interpretation of the classic bow shape has crafted jeweled accessories that highlight the shape of the ear, create dazzling feminine adornment and fit any occasion from wedding to high-class event.


Earrings may come in every imaginable shape, swinging to a sexy walk or affixed to an ear lobe as a stunning studded display of diamonds, but the bow shape is something that evokes unique imagery. The cleverly curved contours mirror a bow on a piece of clothing, perhaps on a wedding dress. Precious gems are added to the shape to increase their appeal, to line their shape with gold, platinum and diamonds.

rose gold bow earrings

It’s amazing, stunning to the mind of man, how something so small can capture the attention of every guest, leading to open compliments and murmured appreciation. Just like a bride at her reception or a model on the runway, jewel accented earrings take the center stage among a crowd of appreciative observers.

Selections Available

If you are wondering about which types of bow-style earrings are in store for you, this list will introduce them to you in a comprehensive manner:

diamond bow earrings white gold

  • Stud Earrings

A signature collection of fashionable earrings featuring bow stud earrings is a designer treat for shoppers of the rare and unique. The bow, sometimes a solid form, can be boldly packed with tiny gems or filled in by vintage, toned metals of differing hues. Alternatively, the studs are reduced to a fine string weave of metal that has been expertly woven into the shape of a bow, a string of gold outlining the loops of the bow and knot. Often accented with a few gems on the knot section and affixed to the ear as the subtlest kind of jewelry possible, the bow earrings capture the hearts of any close enough to catch sight of their glitter and sparkle. Sometimes subtle tastes can catch more attention than any large diamond encrusted piece of jewelry, and these earrings, shaped as bows, deliver the tiniest, finest appeal, whether solid in appearance or made from intricate strings of silver.

cute bow stud earrings

  • Diamond Earrings

Diamond bow earrings are the epitome of both style and fashion, a perfect accent for a high-end occasion. The possible configurations are many, with a single diamond sitting below the bow, or a pair of diamonds forming the central knot of the bow earrings. More expensive options lead to a cluster of diamonds filling the entire shape of the bow or, for the most delicate earrings, the diamonds follow the twin loops of the bow, returning to the central knot in a sparkle of completed design.

bow earrings

  • Gold Earrings

A design for every personality and a fit for every occasion, earrings highlight the wearer’s arrival at their sweet sixteen parties, at a wedding reception, and any affair where style and classic beauty is prized, framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes, the ears. Browsing through the web reveals a selection of bow earrings that’s a delight for all, a matchless collection of the most engaging gold bow earrings featuring chic, fashionable, distinctive tracery constructed from the purest gold material.


Every taste is catered for Just another WordPress siteby providing a multiplicity of choice on the theme of the bow. Solid designs lay next to delicate earrings threaded into the shape of a bow by artisans. Dimension comes to the bow in the form of exquisitely constructed filigree structures affixed with diamonds. The vintage and contemporary options to the earrings are near endless, a design guaranteed to match any taste.